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Top 10 Ayurvedic Medicine Stores in San Francisco USA

1. Online Ayurvedic Store – Hakims Green Life
Ayurved, India’s holistic, integrated, physiotherapeutic medical system is based upon the universal natural law of balancing the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) that make up the physical body. When one or more of these elements go out of balance because of improper diet and life style, various diseases and mental disturbances can manifest.
Some of the known herbal supplements are Karela, Neem, Methi, Turmeric (haldi) widely used by Indians for thousands of years on daily basis to maintain healthy life style. Encouraged by this ancient knowledge, and also looking at the big vacuum and demand for parallel remedies in western as well as local market.
Each and every day thousands of people discover that they will have to alter their lifestyles as well as take medications and blood tests for the rest of their lives. Conventional treatments simply aid in controlling diabetes and in delaying its affects!

2. The Herbal Ritual Apothecary
Address: 344 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609, United States
Phone: +1 510-923-0178
The Herbal Ritual Apothecary is a retail space and herbal pharmacy where you can find all of your wellness needs. At our shop, your health is empowered and supported through the intelligence of integrative medicine and the heart of connectivity. For bulk herbs, tinctures, supplements, aromatherapy, and more, visit us! Partnered with Five Flavors Herbs

3. SOL Ayurveda
Address: 3937 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States
Phone: +1 415-583-5421
I have been a student and practitioner of yoga, ayurveda, and bhakti for fifteen years and a bodywork practitioner for thirteen, My goal when working one on one or teaching, is to help you re-integrate back into your Self, that deep sense of Self beyond your body, mind and personality where you remember: There is nothing wrong with me and nothing needs “fixing”, I am complete, whole, and enough. What is it that leads me away from this deep inner truth? Utilizing the teachings from yoga (āsana + philosophy) and ayurveda (diet + lifestyle), my intention is to help you reawaken your own inner healer so you feel empowered to make wise choices based on your own unique needs. I truly believe, that given the space, support, and time your body has an innate wisdom to heal. I credit the gifts I offer to the many teachers over the years I have had the honor of learning from.

4. Twisted Thistle Apothecary
Address: 1391 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States
Phone: +1 415-626-4372
Welcome! TTA is a herbal tea, crystal, healing and education space in San Francisco and Oakland! Please feel free to come explore and ask as many questions as you like while you explore! We’ve been in the Bay since 2010; it’s an honor to have been of service throughout that time, and we hope to serve for many decades to come

5. La Casa De La Salud
Address: 3203 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States
Phone: +1 415-285-0391
En La Casa de la Salud encontrará una gran variedad de productos naturales que le ayudaran a llevar una vida más saludable

6. San Francisco Herb Co.
Address: 250 14th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States
Phone: +1 800-227-4530
Bulk Herb & Spice Importer and Distributor Nothing builds expertise more than time, and at San Francisco Herb Co., we have had plenty of time — 45 years to be exact — to learn the ins and outs of the spice trade. We are one of the top wholesale herb and spice suppliers for households and businesses in the U.S. as well as a premier distributor of bulk essential oils, teas and botanicals. We strive to source only the finest products, so you know you are only working with the highest quality ingredients. Take your time and browse our wonderful inventory of bulk herbs, spices, loose leaf teas, and much more

7. Honest Bodies – Ayurveda Holistic Health
Areas served: San Francisco Bay Area and nearby areas
Phone: +1 415-851-4941
During an Ayurvedic consultation, I do an extensive review of the person’s diet, lifestyle, medical history, family history and the imbalances that are causing the illness/disorder. After the assessment, we work together to create a holistic health care plan for healing and restoring the body, mind and spirit which is practical and sustainable. The treatment plan consists of some or all of the following, depending on the client’s needs: Dietary changes to enhance digestion Herbs, spices and nutritional supplements Daily morning, afternoon and evening routines Exercise routines and guidance for being in nature Yoga and Body Work Meditation and Breath Work mindfulness practices for stress management.

8. Roha: Center For The Healing Arts
Address: 4052 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States
Roha is a unique healing space located in San Francisco. The word Roha, from the ancient Sanskrit language, means blossom. Our mission at Roha is to plant the seed of health consciousness in our clients and to aid them to nurture and develop that seed until they blossom with vibrant health. Our focus is holistic, knowing that to truly heal an individual more than just the body has to be taken into consideration. At Roha we look at the individual as a whole and center our therapies on healing body, mind and spirit.

9. Kerry Haworth
Address: 3628 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States
Phone: +1 415-525-4898
Kerry is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She brings to her practice a passion for women’s health, with a particular interest in breast health, breast cancer and lymphatic health. Using a unique approach that combines experience, compassionate insight, and lightheartedness, Kerry works to help each client to discover their unique state of being, and to take steps to proactively optimize their health.

10. Kwok Hong Chinese Herbs Inc
Address: 3309 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States
Phone: +1 415-876-6088
Kwok Hong Chinese Herbs was established in 1992 with one mission: to share the 2000+ year-old healing tradition of TCM. Our passion for excellence inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. We now proudly serve the entire United States as wholesalers and distributors of fine Chinese specialty items, herbal supplements, and herbal topicals. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of Chinese herbs and foods, ranging from dried seafood, ginseng, gogi berries, to legacy products such as White Flower Oil, Po Chai Pills, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil, amongst many more.

Hakim’s Cardio Green – High Blood Pressure Care

Hakim’s CLS Green – Cholesterol Care

Hakim’s DB Green – Diabetes Care

Hakim’s MUSALI Green – Wonder Energy Booster

Hakim’s RUMO Green – Arthritis Care


Hakim’s THY Green – Thyroid Care

Happy Heart Herbal Drink

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