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Hakim’s DB Green – Diabetes Care


This herbal formulation gives effective results helping control worst cases of Diabetes. A regular course reactivates and strengthen pancreases which is responsible controlling the sugar level by producing insulin in the body. It boost up energy levels which leads to an active and healthy lifestyle you can. It’s completely Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

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1 review for Hakim’s DB Green – Diabetes Care

  1. Joanne Senn

    I absolutely love your products for diabetes and for cholesterol! My numbers have been elevated since receiving the Covid shots! Worst mistake I made to get the shots but that is something I cannot change. I first tried Curalin and it worked until they changed the formula. But by chance someone on their website mentioned your products and I decided to order just to try. I totally believe in doing things naturally and go to a naturopathic doctor for the past year. My hba1c has dropped 3 points in about 5-6 weeks, it went from an uncontrollable 12 to now 9 and going down. Also my cholesterol and D-dimmers went down to normal range! I am thrilled with your brilliant products and will be reordering soon. I am also telling my diabetic friends about my success! I totally believe in Aruvedic and will continue to order from you. Please never change your formula like the Curalin people did. Thank you, Joanne Senn.

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